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About Rad Performance Auto Sales

RAD Performance Auto Sales
Fortunately, you can get everything on your list when you shop at RAD Performance Auto Sales. The main focus of the sales team at RAD is to be the best used car dealer Greensboro has to offer. That includes having quality inventory at excellent prices and offering you the best customer service experience possible. If you’ve been browsing the other car lots in Greensboro, NC and you have not been impressed so far, consider giving RAD Performance Auto Sales a try.

When you’re shopping for a used car, there are sure to be a few top priorities on your list. First, of course, you want to get a great price. It’s also important to find a reliable vehicle with a reasonable number of miles for the model year. Finally, the car needs to fit into the demands of your day to day life. After all, a coupe is great for a single adult with no kids, but it most likely wouldn’t be a good fit for a married couple with three children.

A Leading Used Car Dealer in Greensboro
With so many car lots in Greensboro to choose from, there really isn’t any reason to settle for one that comes up short in any significant way. Only a well-rounded car dealer deserves your business, and RAD Performance Auto Sales is exactly that. Some of the highlights of working with the team at RAD include:

Locally owned. RAD Performance Auto Sales takes a great deal of pride in having local roots in Greensboro and being owned by local residents. When you buy a used car from this team, you can feel good about the fact that your dollars are staying in the community.

Outstanding prices. Little else matters if you aren’t offered fair prices on the high-quality vehicles available on the lot. RAD takes steps to ensure that you receive pricing that represents a great value.

Excellent selection. No matter what type of vehicle you need – a car, truck, or SUV – it’s going to be easy to find some quality options to consider at RAD Performance Auto Sales. Everyone has their own unique tastes and needs when it comes to a vehicle, and this team tries to serve as many customers as possible by carrying a wide selection.

Track record. This is a big one. Many used car lots in Greensboro and around the Triad come and go after just a short time in business. Quite obviously, it doesn’t speak well of a business if it is only in operation for a short time. On the other hand, a business that stands the test of time is one to consider. RAD Performance Auto Sales has been in business for 18 years, a sure sign that satisfied customers continue to return and do business with the company.

Warranties available. Unexpected car repairs can be a headache to deal with. By making warranty coverage available on your used vehicle purchase, RAD Performance Auto Sales can provide you with valuable peace of mind.